Josh Berry’s Fake News.

There are two series of this little bad boy on ITunes, Spotify or your usual podcast place. I wrote and voiced this mother and it was masterfully produced by Union Jack Radio and Giles Gear’s fingers and brain.

It’s a sketch show which is meant to be silly and satirical in equal measure and I’m very proud of it. Have a listen and leave a nice review won’t you? 

My favourite episode is Episode 3 of Series 2.


Here are nice things people have said about it:

‘A lot of podcast material is amateurish and slow, this is slick, fast and incredibly well-written and produced. I rate it alongside BBC Radio 4 comedies. Josh Berry deserves a prime time slot and I’m sure he’ll get one’


‘Not only are the impressions outstanding, it’s completely and cleverly hilarious. V v v enjoyable’


‘Josh Berry is a disgustingly talented impressionist and this podcast is sickeningly well-written and produced. It’s so funny that I sometimes have to listen in small chunks because I’m laughing so much it hurts’